Monday, May 3, 2010


You may (or may not) have noticed that I have not been online.

It is because I have disappeared into my own episode of Hoarders.

Finally, things are getting put back together.

I really like the idea of simplifying life.  Not letting material possessions be more important than personal experiences.  Reducing clutter.  Streamlining things.

And yet, I cling fiercely to my books.  And I do reread them.  Or I want to (seriously, Poisonwood Bible, I am looking at you).

Before the bookshelves were put back in place, a friend of mine came over to view the floors (and, unavoidably, the disaster that was my house) and when I apologized for the mess and muttered something about Hoarders, she said that it's not clutter if you have actually read all the books.

Which I loved to hear, because it totally justifies my multi-edition collections of the same book.

So what if I have four copies of Jane Eyre?  I've read every copy I own.  At least once. 

And even though I don't want to be petty and superficial and materialistic, I will share with you a quiet little dream I have:  that one day, my shoe collection will match my book collection.

And I don't mean thematically.

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