Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pictures Not Taken

We went to Silver Dollar City on Saturday afternoon.  It was a beautiful spring day in Branson and Silver Dollar City was alive with daffodils and pottery-making and the frying of foods.  We neglected to take any photos, but entertained ourselves by pointing out scenes that would have been photo-worthy.  These included:

* A couple making out near the kiddie rides section wearing matching camouflage shorts.

* A young girl smoking a cigarette in the designated smoking area of the park with her baby on her lap.

* A family all dressed in Aeropostale clothing (and you thought it was just for juniors!).  Especially photoworthy:  the Mom had had an augmentation that distorted "AERO" so that it was barely legible across the woman's chest.

* The miraculous moment when my earring flew out of my ear on the powder keg roller coaster and I caught it in my hand.  I am not sure how it would have been possible to photograph that but it was awesome.

Easter weekend started out with a mild catastrophe (details to follow in subsequent post) but ended up being a nice couple of days spent riding roller coasters and drinking beer and walking the dogs by the lake. 

Tomorrow, of course, is another major holiday 'round these parts.  Cardinal baseball opening day!  This calls for tofu dogs and microbrews.  Also a play by play of Thursday's disaster.

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