Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sensory Perception

My empirical experiences of the moment:

I'm listening to the soundtrack to Crazy Heart.  I love it.  Because I could write a book about what I don't know (I call it: My Dissertation).  And one thing I do know is that Jeff Bridges should get the Oscar for that performance.  I was very impressed.  In my car I'm listening to Lady Gaga's Fame Monster (the obsession continues), which David brought me home from Best Buy as a consolation prize for my new cell phone not being an iPhone.  It helped a little.

I'm looking at my new cell phone and trying to figure it out.  Earlier today I couldn't figure out how to answer a call.  I want it to be all touch screen (like the iPhone) but it's not entirely.  There are a few little buttons at the bottom.  So today Jamie called me and I couldn't figure out how to answer so I had to call her back.  When I explained my problem, she sarcastically suggested I hit the little green button.  She was right, it pains me to say.  This is why I should have perhaps stuck with the Jitterbug.  Truth is, I still want an iPhone but even I can't justify the price different between the Real iPhone and the Sprint Copycat (David gets some kind of discount plan with Sprint through his school and I can be pretty bratty about wanting certain things but I am not irrational--no matter what you might have heard).  So apparently this new phone will do everything an iPhone will do.  Just with less style.  And not as intuitively.  It's just not the same!  David says I will get used to it.  I got used to having a broken phone that had been left out in the rain over night, so I suppose he is right.

I'm tasting Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies which were Part II of my Consolation Prize Treat Bag.  It was also partly an Apology Treat Bag because of a dramatic crying episode I had Sunday night when David suggested I de-clutter the bookshelves in our backroom and I took that to mean (as any rational person might) that if he didn't like the way the bookshelves looked, then obviously he didn't like (1) me (2) all of the things that are meaningful to me (3) literature.  It wounded me to the core.  When he protested that he just likes things "tidy" and "streamlined," I said that the fact is that I just have better taste than he does. (It's true!)  He said, "I know you think that!"  And the standoff continued until he arrived home the following night with cookies and Lady Gaga.

I'm smelling the mac & cheese & broccoli we had for dinner.  I had a cooking breakthrough the other day via IM conversation with my friend Natalie.  I was explaining how I am afraid to break loose from recipes in the kitchen so I get really panicky about having all the ingredients and I'm always sending David on a trip to the store in the middle of food prep.  Natalie explains to me the philosophy of substitution.  Take out one vegetable, substitute another.  Take out one protein, substitute another.  It seems so obvious to say it that way, but it has given me new freedom in the kitchen.  No paprika?  I'll just use chili powder.  Not enough sharp cheddar cheese?  I'll just use some of this shredded parmesan and throw it in with the cheddar.  I've been doing the substitution/elimination rule all along converting recipes to vegetarian, but lately I feel like I'm really getting a handle on it.  Which is good, since in the last couple of weeks I've been doing all the menu planning, shopping, and cooking.  Since baseball season has started (still waiting on the weather to catch up), David is getting home later and judging by his level of exhaustion, he is evidently carrying the weight of the world (or at least the junior varsity baseball team) on his shoulders.  So dinner prep falls to me.  And since I'm no longer writing a dissertation, it is getting harder to shirk my half of the domestic responsibilities... 

I'm touching a nicely organized desk thanks to a cleaning frenzy on Monday morning that left me with a recycle bin filled to the brim with papers and filing cabinets still inexplicably full but somewhat more accessible.  I'm sure the desk is still too "cluttered" for David's taste but as far as I'm concerned, a desk is not a desk without three thesauruses, an overflowing container of paperclips, another one with those binder clips, two staplers (that does seem a bit excessive, I suppose), three rulers, a pencil sharpener (vintage!), two framed photos, a WTF crocheted cat (pictured above), several notepads, chapstick, file folders, notebooks, five writing handbooks, and various other works of criticism and novels.  What?  I need this stuff within arm's reach.

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  1. Reminds me of Dad's Mio GPS-cheaper than Garmin, less style, less intuitive - all and all a piece of junk! (I'm sure your phone will not be like that!)