Thursday, March 4, 2010

Relay For Life: Kick Cancer's Ass

I joined one of the English Department's Relay for Life teams this year and am soliciting donations for the American Cancer Society.

We all know that cancer sucks and that whether it brings a sudden and shocking loss or a slow and lingering one, it's painful and unfair and the kind of awful that makes one rail against the fates or God or nature or luck because nobody should have to get the kind of sick where getting better makes you feel worse.  Or where you don't get better at all.

So anyway.  You may have poured out all of your discretionary spending in donations to the people of Haiti, or Cystic Fibrosis, or the Humane Society, or any one of countless other charities that deserve your time and energy and financial contribution.  But if you have an extra $10, you can make a donation and help us to kick cancer's ass (not the official slogan but perhaps it should be).  You can also help my team kick the ass of the other teams at my university.  This earns us nothing but bragging rights, but we insecure academics facing a piss-poor job market certainly need something to brag about it these days.

The countdown is on and every bit helps!  Thanks in advance for your donations and I promise not to beg you for money any more for at least a year.

My relay for life page is here.

Edited to add:  And thanks so much to those of you who have already donated!

Honor Roll Includes...
Aunt Beth "the great"
Aunt Peggy
My Mom
BFF Jamie
Cousin Angie
Cousin Jeny
Angie & Jeny's mom, Belinda
Cousin Pam

Most if not all of these people have donated in memory of my grandpa, Bill Vance.  Everybody thinks their grandpa is the best in the world ever, but I know that mine was.

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  1. Yes he was...and he would totally want you to kick cancers ass too!