Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ping You Very Much

David and I celebrated spring today by going golfing.  He's on spring break and my class was canceled today because it was Midterm Paper Due Day.  Fun!

We went in the morning before the sun warmed everything up so I wore pants and a jacket and might have complained about being coooooold for three hours.  Just when riding in the cart, really.  Because the wind!  Brrrrr.

The first hole was...  ugly.  And then I suddenly remembered what the hell I was doing, and the next few holes were considerably better.  There was one hole where you had to hit it over water and David suggested I could just play from where he hit his ball.

Me:  Why?

David:  Because I don't think you can hit it over the water.

Me:  Oh reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally.

He sounded completely sincere, but perhaps it was reverse psychology because anyone who knows me knows that nothing makes me want to do something more than someone patronizingly suggesting that I won't be able to do it.

So I teed up.  I took a practice swing.  I used a crappy ball (not my lucky Titleist 2 golf ball) just in case, but I lined up my Ping driver with the crappy ball, I twisted my hips, kept my wrist straight, kept my head down and my eye on the ball, and swung through it nice and easy.

BAM!  Over the water! 

Sure it pulled a little to the right and I was tempted to scream "Fore!" at the people golfing the next hole over (I didn't because really they were far away), but still!  I hit it over the pond. 

By hole number six, though, I was tired and still cold, and I kind of had to pee.  David suggested golfing 18 and I just about had a meltdown.  So we did nine, and my last few attempts were less than great, although there were enough good shots in there to keep me coming back.

That is how golf sucks you in.  You might be terrible, but you get one or two nice swings and the ball seems to effortlessly pop up and sail just where you want it to, and then you high five your husband and do a little happy dance and you think maybe you like this stupid sport after all.

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  1. Spoken like a true golfer. You are hooked now. Tia Favorita