Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Husband Returns

So David has been out of town all weekend.  A boys' weekend of March Madness and golf and fantasy baseball drafting.  Three nights.  Which is really one night too many.

I know a few people (OK, one couple) who has evidently never spent a single night apart and considers this to be an important part of their marriage.  I respect that because it obviously works for them.  But for me and Dah-Veed?  Let's just say the first night he was gone I was pretty excited to be a singleton for the evening.  I ate veggie pizza and drank wine and watched Buffy.  I gave myself a facial and read in bed without anyone sighing at me in a passive-aggressive request for me to turn off the lamp.  I spooned with Cooper in the middle of the bed.

Of course, there was a moment I really missed David--about 4am when Little Mac started wailing because she wanted to go outside and there was no one there but me to let her out.

I spent the next day running errands, meeting a friend on campus to "work," and doing some work around the house, including painting some trim that my dad replaced for us last weekend.  I put on my favorite tunes while painting (listening to sports on the radio drives me nuts--I just can't visualize it in my head and all the shouting makes me crazy) and the weather was beautiful so Cooper and I went for a long walk in Forest Park.  I did whatever I wanted without having to answer to anyone or tell anyone where I was going or when I would be back or what my plans were for dinner or what time such and such was happening (David is forever asking me about what time or date things are occurring.  The boy likes to schedule.).  It was a busy and productive day and that night I went out to dinner with my BFF at one of my favorite restaurants.  It was just like our old single days except with less alcohol.  We came back to my house for wine after dinner and we didn't even turn on the TV, we just hung out and talked.  A very quiet girls' night with no husbands around watching March Madness.  Mac didn't have to go out during the night that night and Cooper and I slept very well having the bed to ourselves.

I did miss David when I woke up the next morning and was somewhat surprised to realize that when he is not home, my wine glass does not magically walk itself into the kitchen from the coffee table.  It just stays there, on the coffee table, waiting for me to pick it up and put it away.  Oddly enough, the junk mail on the dining room table does not automatically recycle itself either.  Another lesson in appreciating my tidy husband.  He might not vaccuum the sofa to my standards, but he does keep the clutter to a minimum.

By the third night, the fun of being a singleton was over.  I got home from work tired and had no one to talk to.  I also, quite suddenly, found myself  either in the throes of a rotten head cold or heinous allergies and while my sinuses went berserk, I had no one to pity me.  I did laundry and I had no one to help me pair up socks.  I didn't have much of an appetite and there was no one to tempt me with dinner suggestions or to offer to run to the store.  Of course, there was also no one there to look askance at me when I made a dinner of Sun Chips and M&Ms (they were peanut M&Ms so that is healthier).  But overall, I really missed David and I couldn't really call and whine to him because he and his buddies were busy mourning KU's loss and the busting of their brackets and by this time my sinuses were so bad that I was a mouth-breather so I didn't much feel like talking anyway.

Today he will arrive home and I will be so glad to see him.  But my big plans of greeting him with the grocery shopping done and the house spotless and great plans for dinner are sort of falling by the wayside because I still have a pounding sinus headache and I am tying this with kleenex rollled up and plugging the snot streams that are relentlessly draining from my nose.  (It's totally hott.)  My wine glass from Friday night is, irritatingly enough, still on the coffee table.  (The nerve!).  At least I finished the laundry, which felt like a heroic feat, even though I got to do it while watching High School Musical.  (What?  I'd never seen it!  And it was sort of awesome.  That is to say, my sixth-grade self would have like totally loved it.  And that little Zac Efron is really cute although his teeth are weird.)

So anyway, I'm not sure it will be a very fun welcome home for David.  Hi, honey!  I am so glad you are home.  Now please feel very, very sorry for me while I moan about my sinuses and breath loudly through my mouth.  Also can you go to the grocery store and make dinner and walk the dogs while I lie here on the couch continuing to feel sorry for myself?  OK, thanks!

But I sure will be glad to have him home.

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