Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doggie Mom

I felt like a mom today, dropping off both of my kids at their respective destinations before 8am this morning.

Cooper and Little Mac each went to the groomer today.  They had appointments 15 minutes apart at two separate groomers in our neighborhood because my dogs are ridiculously high maintenance.

Mac always goes to Bow-Wow, even though our most favorite groomer (Miss Felicia) has moved out to the county and no longer works there.  The ladies at Bow-Wow's Unlimited are extraordinarily nice to us even though Little Mac is so vicious, she has to be muzzled during her grooming session.  They tell me that she is sweet and well-behaved and they "only" have to muzzle her when they trim her feet.

I guess dog groomers see all kinds.

Even crazy gremlin dogs.
In fact, the muzzling issue is why Mac goes to Bow-Wow to begin with.  Because she has bitten David so many times during baths and haircuts.  He used to cut her fur with doggie trimmers at home.  We would put her up on the kitchen counter for her hair cut and David would attempt to trim her evenly while jumping back every few seconds to avoid her bite. 

If Sister had opposable thumbs, she would cut you.

She would growl and snarl and wail and try to bite him the entire time.  It finally became a battle we were no longer willing to fight.  It would take up the greater part of a weekend morning and it was just too stressful for all of us.  Plus David thought it was harming his relationship with Little Mac (seriously) because he always had to be the bad guy and give her the bath and haircut because I was too afraid (I mean, obviously.  Sister is crazy dog.).
 Oh, the indignity.

So really, Bow-Wow is a huge bargain.  Mac goes to Bow-Wow looking like a lion with a big puffy white chest and long straggly fur on her paws and she comes back looking like a little marshmallow dog all perfectly trim with her humongous eyeballs and a seasonal neckerchief. 

Sleek and smooth.  Still kind of pissed off, though.
Darling!  She's so sleek after her trim that I like to hold her ears back and tell her she is a baby sea lion.  Plus she's always so happy to see me when I pick her up.  She was not particularly happy to stay there this morning, although Cooper would have been glad to take her place.  He insisted on coming in with us (I had intended to leave him in the car, but he leaped into the front seat and out the passenger door as I was trying to coax Mac out of the car).  We got inside and he tried to go to the back and see the other groomers, insisted on licking the groomer who came out to get Little Mac, and was generally spastic, his paws sliding all over the tile as I dragged him out the door and poor Mac strained at her leash trying to follow us.

Normally Cooper just gets baths at home.  His fur doesn't grow long and fluffy like Little Mac's (he's got that sleek and wiry pug-fur that falls out at an unbelievable rate).  And he's easy--he's happy to leap into the tub on his own accord, enjoys standing under the shower head, and is only difficult to handle when he gets so excited during the drying-off process that he tries to play tug-of-war with the towels.  That can get really obnoxious, but he can always be settled down with a rawhide chew.

But today Cooper is being Furminated so he got to make a trip to Groomingdale's for a day of pampering.  The Furminator is a de-shedding tool that is pretty amazing.  It only works if you maintain upkeep of course, and although Cooper is docile (so docile that he's perfectly happy continue to doze on the sofa while a four-year-old pokes around at his ears, nose, and mouth), he is quite squirmy about being brushed so it's a pain the butt to keep up with the Furminator (it requires much brushing with special tool/comb).  Still, with the weather warming up and the dog hair that has been coming up in the vacuum, he seriously needed it. He was perfectly happy to meet and greet the groomer and was so busy charming the groomer and the receptionist that he didn't even notice when I left.

Looks serious but is easily distracted.

So now both dogs are at their appointments and the house feels strangely empty.  I guess I need to take advantage of having this time vacuum and Febreze the furniture.  My house could be virtually dog-hair free for three hours, which probably hasn't happened in about four years.

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