Monday, March 8, 2010

Bullet Points

  • I found the lid to the oatmeal.  It was with the other tupperware lids.  I can only assume it crawled there under its own power, trying to find its family.  It is now reunited with the oatmeal container.
  • I completely understand why there were (are?) cultures that worshiped the sun.  The air is still cool but the sun is bright and warm and I crave the light like some people crave chocolate.  Last weekend was the first time the temperatures around got above 50 degrees since December 1.  We've done our time, Winter.  Make way for Spring.
  • Just when your dog turns four and you think he is reasonably well-behaved aside from his incredibly irritating beagle bark that he turns on nonstop when people come over until they sit down so he can snuggle up next to them and his complete spaz attack about the mailman and his general mama's boy neediness, he goes ahead and eats another pair of underwear and then chews up the little cup that is used to measure out the laundry detergent.  Then when you try to scold him, he looks at you like this: 
Stupid puppy-dog eyes.
  • I have big plans for Spring Break (I'm on it this week).  They include:  
    • grade response papers
    • open up that document I'm calling "Great American Novel" (I'm not really calling it that) and type something in it
    • open up that document I'm calling "Tortured Academic Article" (for real) and type something in it
    • sew a baby gift for a friend
    • finish making 30 doggie bandanas for Relay "Fur" Life, happening this Sunday.  I made a bunch of these bandanas last night but I am suddenly afraid they are too small because my dogs may be smaller than most people's dogs so my judgment might be a bit off.  But I figure if the bandana does not fit around the neck they can just tie it to the dog's collar?  I mean how much money can I really sink into bandanas that are not likely to be worn more than this one day?
  • The spring break plans are not very exciting.  I tried to remedy this with a pedicure and a murder mystery dinner party on Friday, which helped, but now Friday is over and it is Monday and I'm wondering why I didn't just book a flight somewhere warm (Phoenix?  Palm Springs?) and foist myself upon my warm-weather relatives for a few days.
  • I continue to expand my culinary repartee which was a New Year's Resolution (at least I think it was, if not, let's pretend it was because I'm actually doing it, which is more than I can say for my Lenten resolution of giving up alcohol [Note to Self:  Next year choose something that's actually realistically manageable]).  I made a vegetarian jumabalaya that was pretty darn delicious and got rave reviews at the dinner party even though my friend Eliza actually added most of the spices so I can only hope that I can replicate what she did for next time.
  • I'm coming around a bit to this new cell phone.  It's growing on me.  It got a new pink cover-thing that is pretty cute and arrived only just in time since I dropped it for the first time last week on the front porch.  Thankfully it did not break.  (And actually I did not technically drop it, it fell out of my purse when I was bending over to pick up the keys that I dropped.  I was carrying a lot of things.)  Anyway, I downloaded this bubble burst game that runs the danger of becoming an obsession, much like Kirby's Avalanche on the computer in my dorm room circa 2000.  I played it yesterday while waiting in line at Jo-Ann fabric, which meant by the time I made it to the cash register I was in a better mood than everyone else in the store.  
  • I'm quickly recalling my low tolerance for fantasy baseball and the vast amount of time suckage it involves.  Once again, David is back at it with the spreadsheets and the special magazines and the "mock drafts" to help him prepare for the "real draft" (which, I remind you, is fake, given that this is fantasy baseball) that will take place at his friend's house in Kansas City, over a weekend in which all of David's buddies from college who participate in his fantasy league will fly in from their various homes in Missouri, Kansas, and Texas just to do a fantasy baseball draft and also undoubtedly drink themselves silly and try to pretend that they are 22 and cool instead of in their thirties and taking a fantasy baseball game way too seriously.  But you know me.  I keep my opinions about such things to myself.
  • Speaking of fantasies, I think I am going to start telling people that my brother is dating Kim Yu-Na.  What?  They both live in Korea.  It's totally plausible.  Plus it only seems reasonable that one of us should marry a celebrity and although Coach Duck is insanely popular with the 5-7 year old crowd, I don't think he has quite the same kind of global status.
  • OK.  I need to grade these papers.  I'm thinking of going out on the deck into the sunshine.  With a blanket.  Because 50-something is not actually warm, even if it is sunny.  Seriously should have bought that plane ticket...

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  1. Seriously, you should come out here next week with forecast high's in the 70's, more sunshine than you can imagine, and 15 MLB teams in Spring Training (and it's the real deal, not that fantasy stuff)! Tia Favorita