Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring: Coming Back By Popular Demand (Please)

Weather is one of those conversations topics I hate to discuss because it bores me.  It's utterly banal, my longing for spring.  We are all ready for warm weather and sunshine.  Do we have to keep talking about it?  I am especially ready for the end of itchy tights and bulky scarves and wool coats that never lose all those strands of dog hair clinging to them, no matter how often you lint roll.  No surprise, there.  Everybody is ready for spring.

But I am longing for it in a way that makes me suspect (as I do every year about this time) that I have seasonal affective disorder and I should just order one of those blue light lamps from Amazon and hang out with it a couple of hours a day.  Or--even better--schedule a trip somewhere warm and sunny.  I'm hearing talk of other people's vacations--Jamaica, Hawaii, Florida--and however more or less exotic they are, they all promise sand and sunshine.  And I could really use some right now!

I am trying to keep cheery.  Reading Jane Eyre, wearing red shoes, buying new make up, these things help.  But I still find myself thinking that I'd like to be reading a book on a beach somewhere.  Or even just by a pool.  That my red shoes would be even cuter if I didn't have to wear them with gray herringbone tights.  That my new tinted moisturizer is so pale that it is probably the same color a mortician would use on his corpses.

It must be a Vitamin D deficiency.  Makes me cranky.

But the sun is out today, and it promises to warm up this afternoon.  By "warm up," of course, I mean hit 41 degrees.  February tends to shift one's perspective about what it means to be warm.  So I'll throw on layers and a bright scarf and one of those dog-hair-infested winter coats and walk the dogs later today and dream of tulips and green grass and warm spring breezes. 

At least living in a four-seasoned climate has the benefit of always giving you something to look forward to.  After all, it won't be very many months until the heat and humidity of the summer has me longing for crisp, cool fall days.  And maybe another boring post about weather...

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