Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cabin Fever

Last night, our cabin fever hit an all time record.  Early evening, I collapsed on the sofa in a fit of ennui.  We kept talking about our plans for the night.  Go to the art museum?  See a free play at a local college?  Drive out to Frontenac and catch a movie?  Go out to dinner?  Eat dinner at home and go out for dessert?

All of these sound like perfectly fun ways to spend a Saturday night.  And we did none of them.

My ennui made me lethargic and indecisive and by the time I decided I DID want to go to that play, David had talked himself out of it and wanted to grill a steak at home (nothing says fun like grilling in 30 degree weather).  I had snacked on pretzels and Nutella so I wasn't hungry.  Instead I drank my dinner (Cabernet Sauvignon) and then ate a "dessert" of sweet potato fries while David had a slab of dead cow.  Healthy choices, my friends, healthy choices.

Finally--or should I say, at the conclusion of Bride Wars--I decided we had to do something.  Also I decided that movie was pretty terrible.

David:  (Looking up from laptop in response to my movie critique) Maybe that is why it got one and a half stars.

Me: (silent death glare)

New plan for the night:  rearrange the living room!

I am tired of the plaid sofas, tired of the neutral walls, tired of the cheap TV stand, tired of the curtains, tired of the pictures on the walls.  I wanted to plan a total renovation, beginning with furniture placement and working from there.

So we rearranged the living room!  We measured, we plotted, we pulled couches away from the wall and vacuumed carpet that has never seen the light of day but still managed to collect dog hair.  We wiped baseboards.  We unplugged lamps and moved things around.

And then?

Hated it.

It was awkward.  Uncomfortable.  Looked weird.  Hate.

And it was not just me and my ennui.  David hated it too.  Our living room is somewhat long and narrow and the new arrangement just didn't work.

So we moved everything back.

And then it was time for bed.

Cabin fever.  It makes me crazy.

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