Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Signs of Spring

Twenty days ago, the groundhog saw his shadow (bastard!).  And winter is still here, even though the last of the snow appears to have melted, with yesterday offering us the kind of cold, dreary rain that makes your soul feel soggy and gray.

And yet!

The snow has melted.

We celebrated yesterday with a mini-Spring Cleaning that would have been a full-out Spring Cleaning except then we got tired and decided to watch movies instead.

The grass is still its winter-brown color and the sky is still its winter-gray color and yet!  There are small signs of spring 'round these parts.  Here are three of them:

Cheerful placemats and napkins.  OK, so this one I created, but Lord knows we needed some cheer up in here.  Pay no attention to the stitching and note the cute fabric.  I picked it out myself!  I have a terrible habit of thinking I am smarter than the pattern and not following the pattern exactly because it seems to make no sense only to realize four steps later that in fact the pattern made perfect sense and I am an idiot and now my placemats will not be perfect.  But the fabric remains adorable.

A cardinal!  It is blurry because I was trying to take a picture from far away so as to avoid scaring the bird but then Cooper started moseying toward the bird and then it flew away.  But still!  A cardinal!  It is red and cheery!

Tiny green sprouts growing in an egg carton of dirt!  David is seriously into this gardening plan for the summer.  He has been reading books, sketching out garden plots, and carefully mixing compost and measuring soil acidity since Christmastime.  Our raised-bed garden stands ready to go outside, he built two window-boxes over the weekend which he plans to use to grow herbs and spinach on the deck.  And the latest project: germinating seeds in the dining room.  (Which is great, because nothing looks classier in a dining room than TV trays with egg cartons and dirt sitting on them).  In spite of my reservations about this seed germination, I have to say that I was almost as excited as David was to see these little green sprouts.  I can't even remember what plant this is, but it's green!  It's growing out of the dirt!

Spring has to get here soon.

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