Monday, January 4, 2010

Motivation; Or, Lack Thereof

Here we are. Four days into the new year.

I am full of big ideas for what I'd like to do this new year. Improve my sewing! Write a novel! Do more volunteer work! Plan our next vacation! Defend that freaking dissertation!

And I have a list of smaller, but more pressing tasks. Go to the grocery store! Move files from old laptop to new laptop! Reread Frankenstein! Take down Christmas tree!

These tasks are not hard. But the thing about goals and tasks in the new year is that I have spent the last two weeks training myself to be lazy. Oh, so lazy. Wake up around 9. Eat candy for breakfast. Watch TV until lunchtime. Eat cheese and crackers for lunch. More candy. The biggest hurdle of the day? A shower. Then it's reading vampire novels or playing board games or doing crossword puzzles and maybe fitting in a nap before dinner. Don't have to make dinner! Mom is cooking. Or Aunt Tammi. So gorge on dinner and then more of the same laziness until bedtime.

Because being lazy is exhausting.

So now I'm home and I need to snap out of it. But instead of going to the Jazzercise class I wanted to go to this morning, I slept through it. And instead of hopping immediately in the shower, I put on my coziest robe. And even though my poor dog hasn't had a decent walk in almost two weeks due to snow and ice, the high today is 15 degrees and we both feel pretty content just snuggled on the couch.

I am finally starting to get antsy though. I need to get myself moving. Two weeks of holiday time and I think my muscles have atrophied. Plus my house already needs to be vacuumed again. And there really is nothing to eat for breakfast here.

So I will tackle my to-do list!

Soon. Like maybe after I take a nap.

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