Sunday, November 1, 2009

The thing about cats...

is that they are not particularly grateful.

Yesterday afternoon I was outside trying to coax kitty to come over and let me pet him (I have decided Kitty is a boy but that's mostly because I want it to be a boy because I don't want to deal with kittens), but to no avail. A neighbor passed by walking her two dogs and asked me if the cat belonged to Don and Bill's house. I explained the situation with the renter leaving and the cat being left to fend for itself and said that I was going to get some cat food tomorrow and start feeding it.

Poor pitiful kitty. Who knew you would be such an ingrate?

Dog-walking Neighbor told me that she had put food out for this cat before because it roamed the neighborhood and would try to kill the birds that came to eat the seed she puts out on her front lawn (Note to Dog-Walking Neighbor: There is a reason your car is covered with bird shit. It's because you ask for it.). She said she might have some cat food left and I told her that if she did, she could go ahead and put it out for this kitty because I didn't think it had eaten for a few days.

She ended up walking the cat food back up to my house with her dogs (Cooper was most decidedly not a gracious host to them--embarrassing!) and so kitty got a meal yesterday. I stayed back while he ate and then tried to get closer but he just walked away without so much as a backward glance. Yeah, Kitty. Because the world owes you this food.

So today I came home from Target* with a bag of Friskees and went outside to feed kitty. He came running right away when I called him and hopped up on the landscaping bricks. I reached out and touched his head but then he jumped back and hissed at me. He continued moving forward to be close to the food bowl, but hissed at me again. You might try being a little bit grateful, you starving little wench.

So I guess this process of winning over the cat is going to take a while...

Contentedly nappy after dinner of Friskess.

Still, it's not like I don't have good practice at parenting pets who are slightly psycho and sometimes hateful to me. I mean, it is sort of like Kitty already fits right in with the family. So I have decided to have a naming contest.

Submit your suggestion for a name for the Kitty in the comments. I'll select my favorites and then open it up to a vote. Extra points for obscure and pretentious literary references or baseball-related names. Gender-neutral names will also be given higher priority but I think we'll operate on the assumption he's a boy.

Target has started a new policy! (At least this was the first time I was made aware of it.) They take 5 cents off your total for every reusable bag you bring from home. They aren't charging people who still take plastic bags (although that policy would get my vote) but they are at least rewarding people who bring their own bags! Another reason to buy more than I intend to at Target.


  1. How about Splotch? His nose looks like one.

  2. Noboru Wataya, bc kitty is evil.

  3. Matsui, bc kitty is part of teh evil empire.

  4. I submit Oliver, in honor of Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist had to gather food for the starving children - "Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard." And then there is his involvement with the Artful Dodger, whose skills Oliver seems to have.

    Geez, anything but "Splotch".How creative is that???

    Tia Favorita

  5. How about Michael Jackson? He looks like he was black but wants to be white.

  6. I am forming my favorites but I'll leave it open a couple more days just in case anyone else wants to add their two cents. Or their alternatives to "Splotch."

    I should also say that I like Oliver but have to rule it out having already had a sweet gray kitten named Oliver. Unlike some people, I don't like to name my pets First Pet Name II. No offense, Mom.

  7. I am a bit offended- it's an honor to be named after another pet as Pepper II, Butterscotch II and Toby II would tell you if they could. Plus Splotch or Splotchy is kind of cute! Or MJ...

  8. OK, I'm tapped out on the literary theme but kind of like the Michael Jackson idea. If you want to take a different path with the Michael theme, call the cat "Thriller." Get the visual of how you would stand on the porch and call the cat. And don't worry about offending your Mom.
    Tia Favorita