Friday, November 13, 2009


Reader interest in naming the cat pretty much matches my current interest in the damn thing.

Haven't seen it since before we went to San Francisco but the food still disappears.

(And here we all say a little prayer that I am still actually feeding the cat and not that enormous possum that lives somewhere in the neighborhood.)

Anyway, survey will be up for a few days, so please feel free to vote in the right column there.

In spite of kitty's vexing lack of gratitude and/or affection, I am also considering getting a small dog house that I could put outside to provide shelter for kitty in the winter. Cat people--would an outdoor (stray) cat use such a thing? I just don't know where he will sleep when it snows...


  1. it might use it, or it might not. i think it depends on if it feels safe there or not. when we lived in our old place we wintered a couple of outdoor cats, they would sleep inside this shelf thing we had on our porch with old towels and blankets. i tried to make them a cat house and they wouldn't go near it. cats are just plain finicky.