Saturday, October 31, 2009

We Have a Cat

Our next door neighbor had been renting her house from our former and favorite neighbors, Don and Bill.

She was a volunteer for Stray Rescue and had three indoor cats and she adopted a pug dog named Minnie who was sweet and cute except she unfortunately had horrible stretched out and saggy nipples from when she was kept in a cage and forced to breed litter after litter of pug puppies in a puppy mill. Sometime our neighbor would try to tell me other stories about rescued animals and I would say ANYTHING to get out of the conversation because I cannot read the inserts in the letters the Humane Society sends me and I actually still get teary over the commercials that show the dogs in cages and have that Sarah McLachlan song playing (something about "arms of an angel...").

Anyway, that neighbor was feeding a stray cat but the cat is so timid it won't let anyone get close enough to touch it. She had told me that she was trying to get the kitty to go in a carrier but had no luck. So when she moved she told Don and Bill that she couldn't take the cat (because she couldn't catch it) and it would have to fend for itself.

It is a beautiful black and white kitty. Cooper goes ballistic when it is in our yard. But he will have to get used to it because I am now going to start feeding it.

We now have an outdoor cat!

When I go to Target tomorrow, I will buy cat food and leftover Halloween candy. I'm going to feed the kitty off to the side of the house near Don and Bill's house to keep Cooper from flipping out as he would if he saw her on the front porch. I will worry about her out in the cold this winter but I'm thinking that with some careful coaxing maybe she could learn to sleep in our garage?

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