Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twirly Skirt

It has been a rainy, gloomy week.

I am battling the hump day blues by wearing a twirly skirt. But since it is rainy, I am wearing it with tall brown boots.

The skirt hits mid-calf so you don't see the tops of my boots, which is good because my skinny little calves rattle around in them a bit. The fact that my skirt covers the tops of my boots also makes me feel a bit like a cowgirl. Perhaps because the last time I wore a skirt long enough to cover the tops of my boots I was playing Kate in Wild Oats my senior year of high school.

It was a funny sort of western melodramedy which had its dramedy heightened even more by all of the nerdy sexual tension among cast members (imagine Glee only without singing). The plot included me getting tied to railroad tracks, four of us acting out a scene from Taming of the Shrew, the discovery of unknown relations, and a kissing scene with a guy who bit me on the nose during dress rehearsal to "relieve the tension." The tension was also relieved unintentionally when my friend Erin's Shakespearean dress ripped at the bust during dress rehearsal. Also Monica was in it and she had painted-on dark eyebrows and an foreign accent of dubious origins. I should really locate pictures of this...

Anyway, the skirt reminds me of that and it also reminds me of this outfit my mom made for me that I wore in my third grade program when I was the narrator.

It was a February President's Day program so we sang patriotic songs and while I cannot remember my lines, I do remember the outfit. It was a skirt and matching shirt, sort of western style, made from blue fabric with a small, off-white flower pattern. The skirt hit mid-calf and had an off-white lace inset at the waist to make that pointy western-style waistband. Matching insets on the shoulders of the shirt too. Little pearly white buttons going down the front. I thought it was so cute. I wore boots with that too, little gray suede booties that I loved. And which are totally back in style, come to think of it.

Anyway, I'm not wearing cowboy boots today and my outfit does not include any western or lacy accessories, but wearing a twirly skirt still cheers me up on a dark and dreary day. Any other suggestions for getting through a dreary Wednesday?

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