Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thunder! Lightning! Blankie!

I've mentioned before that Cooper is afraid of storms. I try not to encourage his fears by not making a big deal of him when it storms, even though he follows me from room to room, cowering up against my legs and trembling at the thunder. Instead of moving to the sofa and letting him crawl under a blanket and snuggle up next to me (which is always so inviting, particularly on a cold and rainy autumn day like today), I am continuing to work at my desk and Cooper is hiding underneath it.

But just now, in between thunder claps, he darted out from under the desk, went into his crate and got his blanket, and dragged it back under the desk with him.

Poor little guy. I hate that he is scared but I'm glad he has his security blanket. It's so ridiculously cute.

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