Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One of those days...

* In which I discover that I have been slightly misusing the word "metempirical" in my dissertation chapter during a meeting with my adviser. A chapter about metempiricism in George Eliot's novel. It was the quintessential "oh shit" moment except it happened during a meeting and not during my defense.

* In which Cooper is currently fighting a visiting dog through the chainlink fence. The high school age neighbor kid next door is yelling at them and I am sitting here typing this hoping he cannot see me through the window because I am not interested in intervening even though it is totally my dog being the aggressive barking jerk and that is embarrassing and I am sorry. But not sorry enough to go outside and pick up all 33 pounds of him and carry him inside. Because, people, I have been totally wrong about how George Eliot is using metempiricism in Daniel Deronda. Don't I have enough to deal with already?

* In which the universe smiles on my in spite of gray spitty weather (maybe this is the Northwest's version of a beautiful fall day, but I like my fall days cool and crisp with a big slice of blue sky). Even though I was running late for my appointment with my adviser and parked in the first meter available only to discover I had exactly two nickels and six pennies in my wallet which bought me all of six minutes on the parking meter (evidently since the university's endowment is running dry they are now making up for it by upping the parking meter rate) and my meeting with my adviser was an hour and a half (because that is how long we had to talk about philosophy before I realized I was wrong wrong wrong), I still did not get a ticket.

* In which I think, maybe I'm having a crappy day, but at least I have not mailed all my worldly possessions to an empty apartment in Korea that I apparently have no hope of locating.

* In which I wish Giada De Laurentiis was my friend and would make me a grilled cheese with giardiniera on it.

* In which I started to do the 30 Day Shred and then quit. Because, people, that shit is like hard to do. And it hurts. And I'm having a bad day, remember?

* In which I need to stop blogging and start revising this chapter. What's that they say about a dissertation? The fastest way out is through it...

* In which I find myself insensibily annoyed by all uplifting witticisms about the dissertation.

I guess it's just one of those days.

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