Saturday, October 24, 2009


Whenever I talk about my brother, I have a tendency to infantalize him. I don't think I do this when I am talking to him, but I realized this yesterday when someone mentioned the date and I gushed, "Oooooh, it's my little brother's birthday!" as though he were at home having a Lego-themed birthday party instead of commemorating the occasion by drinking beer and eating fried chicken in Korea.

The advantage (and potential disadvantage) of having a sibling is that they have truly known you from the beginning and therefore have seen all the sides of your personality. Even the ones you claim to have outgrown. I have this photo framed and on the wall in my hallway because it makes me smile. Most people probably don't imagine my brother as being particularly giggly. But I know better.

Hope you found some good stuff to laugh about on your birthday, Bubs.

Also: Wow, how about that chub in the Mickey Mouse shirt?


  1. Grandpa V wouldn't let me call you chubby - you were "sturdy"!

  2. Yes, my double-chin is clear evidence of just how "sturdy" I was.

  3. I heard Grandpa V refer to you as "solid", too. Dean just thought you were built like a linebacker. Tia Peggy

  4. I could have lived with sturdy....They called me the "bald eagle" !