Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Secret?

I read the book The Secret ages after it had come out because I would occasionally hear people referencing it and it drives me crazy not to get references (hence my interest in literature. I'm afraid unless I get a PhD in literature, I might possibly miss a clever literary reference somewhere that everyone else will get and then I will feel really stupid or maybe miss something that would have been funny).

So anyway, I read The Secret. It did not change my life. But I didn't absolutely think it was absolute rubbish or anything. I felt sort of neutral about it. Yeah, it probably doesn't hurt to set clear goals and send positive energy out into the universe. I bet those things are good things to do. I'm not someone who is great about doing those things, but I generally feel like pro-active people make good things happen to them.

When we get scheduled to teach writing classes in the fall, we complete a survey requesting the time of day we'd like our class and approximately when during the semester we'd like our visiting writing to come lead a week of class (early, middle, or late in the semester). The administration team does its best to accommodate our scheduling requests but of course there are always a few people who wanted to teach at 1pm but end up teaching at 3pm or whatever.

Anyway, I started putting together my syllabus and course calendar before our trip because I wanted to have a head start when I got home. Since the official scheduling hadn't yet been done, I went ahead and typed up my ideal semester plan, assuming I'd change dates and times of things as necessary.

But would you believe that when I got my official schedule on Friday, my teaching time and the visiting writer week I were assigned were exactly the same as the ones I had already entered as my best-case-scenario.

So I dunno. Maybe there is something to this idea of writing things down and putting them out in the universe...

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