Monday, September 14, 2009

Folding Socks

Someone once told me that the secret to marriage is learning how to fold socks.

Really it just means that the small compromises can be the trickiest. Different people fold socks differently and being open to changing the way you used to do things is an important part of building a relationship with someone else.

One thing I love about D is that he is very tidy. He never fails to put things away.

BUT sometimes this drives me nuts. Particularly if I have deliberately placed something somewhere visible (usually on the bar so I won't forget it) and he has hidden it away. Also because he sometimes gets into this super-tidy mode where he zooms around the house and puts things places and later does not remember where he put them.

Or claims to not remember.

Yesterday I asked him where my oven mitt was.

He claimed ignorance (this is always his first response to my inquiries about where he put something).

Then he went and found it.

It was in the garage.

He put it away with the Christmas stuff. "Because it is red and green."

When my back was turned, he washed and put away a cutting board. Even though I was still using it.

It would take two seconds for him to ask "Why is this piece of saran wrap on the dresser?" and two seconds for me to explain that I wrap my mighty-expensive silicone gel sheeting that covers my scar in saran wrap so it doesn't dry out while I take a shower. Instead, he just throws it away until finally I have torn off the FOURTH piece of saran wrap in as many days and I confront him and say "Do you keep throwing away the little piece of saran wrap I put out on the dresser?"

I mean you would think that general curiosity would provoke him to ask why it keeps appearing after he keeps tossing it. But no. It is like he moves in auto-pilot when the "clean gene" kicks in and he just does things without thinking.

It puts me in a tough spot because it is not like I can get annoyed with him for being too neat and clean. It's certainly better than the alternative.

But it still drives me batshit crazy sometimes.

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