Monday, August 24, 2009

Evolution of a Scar

I unveiled my scar-from-the-removal-of-the-scar Saturday night at a party with friends. I wore a low-cut shirt, thinking that my boobs might distract people from the scar. Which didn't work because two of my friends decided to make my scar a conversation piece but also decided that we should refuse to tell anyone who didn't already know what really happened. Which was, you will recall, that I spilled hot tea out of a travel mug and scalded my arm. That was obviously too boring and since the scar is no longer a burn, it seemed like the possible explanations for its appearance were endless:
  • - knife fight at a bar (PCHers vs. the Fighting Fitzpatricks, of course. The River Styx is a dangerous place. And if you know what I'm talking about, you are awesome.)
  • - saving a baby in a runaway carriage
  • - alligator wrestling
  • - botched boob job
  • - Little Mac
  • - fly fishing accident
  • - saber-toothed tiger attack
as the night went on, the list went on and on, and we found ourselves more and more amusing.

Only one dear friend (and he really is a good friend) told me that I looked like Frankenstein's monster and then when he saw the expression on my face quickly tried to recover by insisting it was a compliment because Frankenstein's monster is the obvious hero of the book who is good and true and interesting and blah blah blah. Your literary analysis will not save you now.

But really most people were very kind and said that yes my cleavage was distracting so they barely noticed the scar! And yes they were sure my arm would heal really nicely by next summer. And yes it sure looks a hell of a lot better than what was there before. And yes it does make me look interesting and mysterious.

So with no further ado, I present, the evolution of a scar:

Hours after the splash of hot tea, I develop arm herpes!

Arm herpes really hurts.

The blisters pop and things get ugly.

Really ugly.

Finally healed over, but still tender and painful.

And, inexplicably, shaped like a velociraptor.

The last we will see of the burn scar.

* * *

Introducing: The surgical incision. Can you even SEE it?

Up close and personal.

So that's the new scar. In all of its slightly-bruised glory. My recovery has been great although I can still feel the bruising when I stretch out my arm. I actually have to remind myself not to lift too much with it because sitting around it feels totally normal.

The weather has been beautiful and fall-like, so it has been easy to wear sleeves as it heals. But I am already looking forward to next summer -- sleeveless shirts and no stupid arm band!

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  1. Brooke, the scar is so much better! It will continue to improve, too. Do you use a cream to help clear it up even more?
    Tia Favorita