Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's Romp

At any early b'day celebration, two of my best buds went in together to give me this romper.

Wikipedia definition: A romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women. Somewhat similar to a coverall, it is loose fitting and usually has shorter legs that may be gathered at the end. Puffed pants are particularly associated with rompers. Rompers appeared in the 1910s. They were very popular as playwear for younger children. Styles and conventions varied from country to country. In France they were for many years only for boys.[1] While primarily a play garment, we note French children wearing dressy rompers. Their popularity peaked in the 1950s when they were used by children as playwear and by women as leisure- and beachwear. Thereafter the garment has continued to be used by infants and toddlers; however, it has become less common among older girls and women, although never disappearing entirely. Since 2006 rompers have enjoyed a minor renaissance as a fashionable garment for women. Several designers have presented collections including romper suits and they are offered by many retailers.

I was thrilled, but with minor reservations. Sure I've seen the romper in magazines, but have I seen anyone wearing these in real life? I mean, here in the midwest. Is it too trendy? Can I wear it with flip flops without it looking like a swim suit cover up? And, omg, I have to take off the entire thing to pee?

But I tried it on and it was so comfortable. And sporty. And, well, sort of cute and fun looking. A fashion renaissance indeed. Oui!

So if you see me out and about in Paris next week, I'll be the American girl in the romper.

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