Monday, June 22, 2009

monica & johnny: wedding

It was a beautiful wedding. Ask me what the best part of the day was...
Was it the groom's custom-made Chuck Taylors, embroidered with the wedding date?
Was it Monica's MAC eyelashes that made her look like a pin-up girl?
Was it the carefully selected tear-jerking songs that Monica's sister crooned during the ceremony while accompanying herself on the guitar?
Was it the reading of the Gospels delivered in a slow Southern drawl by Johnny's stepbrother?
Was it the e. e. cummings poem read by Monica's youngest sister that echoed the mantra of a long-distance relationship: "i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)"?
Was it the six charming bridesmaids with their creamsicle-orange dresses and gold shoes?
Was it the six burly groomsmen with their orange neckties and Southern accents?
Was it the vintage get-away car with its coordinating orange paint job?
Was it the custom-made movie poster presenting "TRUE LOVE" produced by Mr. & Mrs. Chris Ellis, starring Monica and Johnny, and co-starring their wedding party?
Was it a reception hall full of adorable details dreamed up and executed by a bride who spent 20 hours a week working at her dad's furniture store and 20 hours a week wedding planning for the last eight months?
Was it the photo backdrop with chalkboard provided so guests could write dirty -- I mean funny -- messages and pose for pictures?
Was it the food stations with plenty of vegetarian fare?
Was it the wedding favors of reusable shopping bags in coordinating wedding colors?
Was it the popcorn and hot dogs served later in the night?
Was it the strawberry shortcake wedding cake?
Was it the peanutbutter and chocolate groom's cake in the shape of the Tennessee Volunteers football field?
Was it the light-hearted yet sentimental toast delivered by the matron of honor? (oh yes, I think perhaps that was the best part. Besides the love and excitement and fun that just saturated the whole day.)

The wedding was beautiful and we all had a blast.

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  1. Wow! Snippetandink needs that idea board! So fun...can't wait to get back and debrief about the entire event;)