Saturday, June 27, 2009

Because Marriage Is Fun

Our 5-year anniversary is July 10th. It seems absolutely impossible that we have been married for five years. Five years is a seriously long time. Crazy long. Worth commemorating with a European vacation? Oh yes, I think so. Also worth commemorating on a chalkboard at a wedding reception. And after we did it, it seemed like such a cool thing to do that everybody wanted in on it.

We've been married 5 years!
When you've been married this long, it is likely that one of you will be coerced into wearing striped shirts with paisley ties (so cute!); the other will quite possibly be sporting an ace bandage. But look at our faces -- five years in and the fun never stops!

We've been married 1.5 years!
After a year and a half, putting down your beer to pose for a picture with your wife is clearly NOT an option. But look at their smiles. They love beer, marriage, and each other.

We are married. Yes!
P.S. & knocked up!
The Mrs. looks exhausted, the Mr. looks confused. They must be expecting a baby. Congratulations!

Tonight we lose our virginities!
Is it true? Or ironic? I'll never tell. But don't they look so excited? Especially the groom. Well done, kids.

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