Saturday, May 30, 2009

VM: Update

I watched the last of Season III.

It ended without the producers knowing whether they would get to shoot a fourth season, but hoping that they would. To that end, it is sort of deliciously unresolved.

I hate when shows do a cheesy flash-forward so you know how all the characters end up. I like a resolution with lots of things left unresolved (maybe that is why I loved the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona so much). I think the best season finales just give a hint of what is to come but leave the rest up to your imagination (and in case you're interested, in my imagination, Veronica's FBI career leaves just enough time for the occasionally canoodling with Logan, who, by the way, officially beat out the un-dead [sorry, Spike] as my most intense TV character crush EVER when he stormed into that radio booth in the final episode... what exactly that says about me and my choice in TV characters I am not sure, but I think Pam summed it up in her "so troubled but so yummy" comment.). So even though Veronica went out on a melancholy and unresolved note, I like not knowing what might have been, at the same time I am able to make as much as I want to out of that final look she gave Logan. It totally deserved four more seasons, but whatever.

I'm going to give it some time, but I really think I could watch the whole thing again and like it just as much.

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