Friday, May 15, 2009

Update on Cooper's Ass Smell

After receiving countless* e-mails and comments asking for an update on Cooper's ass smell, I realized that it was time to let the public know. Clearly you have all been waiting breathlessly for this.

The last time I dropped off Mac to be groomed, I delicately inquired about whether there was a "process" that could perhaps rid Cooper's "glands" of whatever "stinkiness" it is that smells like an animal died in his butt.

(I know - how could a dog so cute smell so bad?)

After asking me some not-so-delicate questions about whether I have noticed him "licking or scooting" excessively (uh, negative and negative), Miss Felicia cheerfully assured me that she would "take a look!" when I brought Cooper in later for his toenail trim.

We dutifully returned that afternoon and she took him into the back room -- "I have to do this in the tub." I waited somewhat nervously, heard no strange noises, and they emerged a few minutes later -- neither one looking the least bit embarrassed. I thought maybe I was crazy but then Miss Felicia walked him back around the desk to meet me and loudly announced to the benefit of the two other groomers and several other dogs in the shop, "Wow! His glands were really full!"


And then she told me with a big smile to bring him on back the next time he "gets stinky."

I honestly don't know what she even charged for that because I was sort of mortified as I found myself automatically but unwillingly trying and failing to imagine what sort of process they had just gone through in the back room.

I think Little Mac was also grossed out but Cooper was not flustered in the least.

Anyway, his ass has not smelled like dead animal since. So I guess we're on to something.

*where "countless" = zero

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  1. Well...I DO know there's an internal and and external. Mindy's vet prefers the that's what she does. Sick. Phyllis WILL NOT get that treatment!