Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time-Sucking Trivialities

So my hairdryer broke.

Sunday morning I am blow-drying my hair as I normally do. Cooper loves the blow-dryer so as soon as I turn it on he comes running to stand on my feet and get some blasts of hot air when I turn my head upside down (you know for the extra volume and all that blah blah blah).

I stand back up (at this point my hair is still pretty damp) and the hair dryer suddenly makes this AWFUL racket and starts sort of vibrating in my hand. I felt like I was getting an electronic shock (even though not really).

Still, I screamed and dropped the hairdryer on the sink and then managed to turn it off without it electrocuting me. David came running in from the kitchen to see what was wrong. So I explained that it started shaking and making a terrible grinding noise and I thought I was going to die. He gave me a weird look (...?) and then turned the hairdryer back on.

It worked fine.

He turned it off as I eyed him suspiciously and he headed back to the kitchen. I resume blow-drying and no sooner have I flipped my head upside down to get the roots when


God-awful noise coming from hairdryer. A horrific rattling noise that indicates the hair dryer is about to explode in my hand and scar the small amount of unscarred skin I still have left. I scream AGAIN.

And the conclusion of this incredibly long and rather melodramatic story is that my hair dryer is indeed broken.

So now I need a new hairdryer. And where to begin?

I need a hair dryer that will change my life! One that is a cheerful color, that is very quiet so you can hear the radio even while blow drying. One that is lightweight so that my right arm doesn't get an overdeveloped bicep compared to my left (it could happen!). One that fits nicely in the small bathroom cabinet. Probably one with a retractable cord so as not to get tangled in things. One that is not too big so I can easily pack it up for a weekend.

Also, my hairstylist recommends a hair dryer that is ceramic and ionic. Which is why I originally purchased the now-broken hair dryer. It has "ion technology" and a ceramic core. (It is clearly the sole reason why my hair is so lustrous and shiny, in case you hadn't noticed.)

[Additional side note: The way these hair products get you is that even if you can't tell a huge difference, "I'm not sure my hair looks that much better/different/bouncier/shinier," the comparison is always vague and you find yourself thinking, "But if this is what my hair looks like with a ceramic core and ionic technology, imagine what it would look like without!!!"]

So now that I am on the search for a hair dryer, it feels a little overwhelming. I want to make the right choice, but I also want to get a new one as soon as possible. I know I want it to be ionic and ceramic but then I found the phrase "tourmaline ceramic" describing a very expensive hair dryer so I kind of want that even though I don't know what it means (am innocent victim of marketing ploys). I went to a couple of stores didn't have much of a selection. I went online and at Amazon (which is where I got the now-broken hair dryer) there are a zillion choices. They all have some good reviews, some bad reviews. I cannot decide. Some people say it's too heavy, too loud, etc. There is a brand called T3 that is fancy. Some come with attachments. Some are cute colors. I am excited to try something new and the world of hair dryers is my oyster! But they all seem huge and expensive compared to the one I just had. Should I buy this factory refurbished hairdryer? It is $60. But it was originally $230!!! It must be AWESOME!

I think about my cute little hair dryer and how the cord is retractable and handle folds up so it fits in the drawer in my bathroom and how that was very convenient for storage and travel.

I think about how I dropped it twice last week and at least once before that so maybe it wasn't its fault that its insides fell apart and started rattling.

I think about how it is only $19.99 and if I order it from Amazon that means that I have an excuse to order a book or CD also so as to qualify for free shipping.

I think about how it is ceramic and ionic and even though it got good reviews and bad reviews, I liked it just fine.

I ordered the exact same hair dryer.

This process look four days of research. (By "research" of course, I mean going to Wal-Mart and then googling and searching at Amazon and

And of course I opted for the free shipping so I won't get it until next week and I will be air-drying until then. Maybe I need to invest in a back-up hair dryer...


  1. Same thing happened to me this week. I got a new one at Target. I got it b/c it was a cheap ion and pink and gives probably 1cent to breast cancer research.

  2. Also...I can't go a day without it. I can't air dry. Really. I can't.

  3. You missed your opportunity to invest in the new Infiniti G37 convertible. Drop the top and cruise at 80mph down the interstate will give not only give you that sexy windblown look, it also gives you the opportunity to do that awesome Christi Brinkly hair shake at all stoplights.