Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring has Sprung

After a rainy (and even snowy) month of April, Spring seems to have arrived in St. Louis while I was in Nevada.

It is beautiful here and my yard is abloom and I just want to sit on my deck and soak up all the bad UV rays while snacking on strawberries on chardonnay.

Instead, I dutifully apply sunscreen and put on a hat, then sit on my deck drinking coffee and reading G. H. Lewes: An Unconventional Victorian. Because scholarly biographies are FUN! (Actually G. H. Lewes is really awesome and he was with George Eliot in an open but monogamous relationship while his legal wife was living with his best friend and Lewes and Eliot were both brilliant and fascinating people so it is not like reading his biography is a hardship.)

Anyway, when I'm not reading, I'm gazing around my yard and looking at all these lovelies:

I am not sure what this little tree is, but I think its little button flowers are adorable.

I have an awful time with begonias but these were too pretty to pass up.

This is technically in the neighbor's yard, but whatever.

My friend Keya helped me select these petunias and little white flowers for the window boxes on the garage.

As a puppy, Cooper chewed up our rose bushes but they seem to have made a full recovery.


  1. I remember when, a very long time ago, I had a house. It had a yard. There were flowers. Now, I water the flowers of my Mother and Father. I live with them.

  2. lol. hey, it's ok. you're still like seven whole months away from 30 so there's no shame in living with your mom and dad.