Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lightning! Thunder! Doggy freak out!

You would never know it judging by the sun shining and the birds singing this morning, but last night we had one of the loudest thunder storms I have ever experienced.

Everyone in my family is a pretty heavy sleeper. We have been known to sleep through thunder storms and tornado warnings (yes it is a great idea to sleep through tornado sirens and leave your children snoozing peacefully on the second floor of your home). Growing up in the midwest, storms are just a part of springtime and I have always found them entertaining rather than scary. I can remember as a little girl in Independence standing at our front door and watching a storm with my dad and feeling perfectly safe and excited to watch the lightning as the weather raged outside. I also remember thinking another little girl at church was so silly for being afraid of thunder (Chandra).

I'm still not afraid of storms and I still often sleep through them. I love snuggling under the covers and listening to it rain at night. Little Mac is totally unfazed by thunder and lightning, although if a clap of thunder is especially loud, it will prompt her to bark and chase her tail (any loud noise seems to make her neurons misfire, thus provoking this behavior). But poor Cooper is terrified of storms. He will follow me around the house and anytime I pause, he will lean his trembling little body against my legs. If I am putting away laundry or doing something that causes me to go from room to room, he will just wait in the bathroom away from all the windows.

Last night, it was windy but not raining when we went to bed. Then there was a clap of thunder so loud it woke all of us around midnight and a second later it was followed by a LOUDER clap of thunder and blinding flash of lightning that was so close I wondered briefly if the neighbor's house had exploded. David and I both jumped about a mile and Cooper started shaking so hard the entire bed was vibrating. Little Mac (of course) barked and chased her ass. But she was already settled back in her bed while D and I were still trying to calm Cooper and ourselves after that panicky rush of adrenaline. I got up and shut all the windows and David ran out and folded up our deck umbrella and then we headed back to bed to fall asleep listening to the storm.

But Cooper was having none of it. He would not settle down, he would not stop shaking. Finally, after a more muted, but still close, rumble of thunder, the dog who usually wants to be under the covers and in between us in bed instead wriggled his pudgy little body all the way under our bed and slept there until morning. Such a big baby.

So we all lost a little sleep last night, but today the sun shines and he and Mac are sunning themselves on the deck. I think G. H. Lewes and I will join them.


  1. Your parents did not leave you sleeping upstairs when a tornado siren went off! (Assuming we heard it...)

  2. Right -- I'm talking about when you DIDN'T hear it and we all slept right through it!