Monday, May 11, 2009

Bars & Barley

I spent the weekend in Nevada.

It was... eventful.

In 48 hours, I managed to spend 9 of those hours in the car and still find time to:
* hang out with my parents & their weird friends
* hang out with Monica's parents
* hang out with Monica's parents and my parents simultaneously
* allow Monica's dad to convince us that we should drink the wine that Monica had told Johnny she would save for the two of them after they got married
* watch Monica get showered with gifts, including no less than six (6) casserole dishes
* two-step with cowboy(s)
* dance the cotton-eyed-Joe with Jamie (she loves it)
* give my mom the necklace charm as well as other choice Mother's Day gifts that sealed my role as Most Favorite Child well above A Certain Wandering Street Urchin Who Never Remembers Birthdays or Holidays Unless Reminded and Wears One Pair of Dirty Pants and Is Likely to Get Arrested By Russian Police.

Now it is back to real life. I have to say that I find real life quite stressful. I was kind of enjoying hosting bridal showers and dancing at Amvets. Why can't that be my job? Because I could probably get really good at it.

D picked up our CSA share while I was gone. Week One delivered us:
* half a dozen eggs
* homemade noodles
* organic barley
* asparagus

Kinda early for most veggies I guess. I am looking forward to heirloom tomatoes...

Anyway, tonight we made burgers (beef & veggie) and asparagus with carmelized onions. D had a baked potato and I had these amazing honey dijon potato chips because why would you want a baked potato when you could have it processed and fried and pre-packaged with delicious seasoning that may or may not include the ingredient Yellow No. 4?

My next project is to cook barley. Google tells me that it can be made like rice. Only it takes like an hour instead of 5 minutes. All I can say is that if it takes that long to cook, it better not suck. I found a recipe for Barley & Sun-dried tomatoes. The recipe creator claims, "This method treats barley like rice, toasted in butter, then cooked with flavorful sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and scallions." Sounds promising but an hour of simmering is an awful lot of time in which I could completely screw something up.

So that is on the menu for Tuesday or Thursday. Whenever I am feeling adventurous. And by "adventurous," I mean "eager to be tied to the stove for an hour while barley simmers."

I guess I can practice two-stepping while barley simmers.

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  1. It WAS a good time...and, honestly...we didn't take much convincing.