Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've come a long way, baby

When I hung out with the Richeys on Saturday, I showed them my burn scar. Not having seen it before, they were pretty horrified and worried about me. So I thought it might be useful to see how far we've come... My wrist is wrapped up in this one because I had a small (much less severe) burn on that arm as well. I have no explanation for why my face looks like that. I think I am trying to look pitiful and smile at the same time.

Up close on the blisters. Looks like arm herpes, you say? The grossness is just beginning.

The blisters popped. Yeah, that shit hurt.

These aren't great pictures but they should offer some idea of how huge and gross the great festering wound was at one time. Makes today's arm look much cuter by comparison, doesn't it?

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