Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus Christ, Superstar!

In honor of Easter, I blared that soundtrack on Friday and Saturday while putting around the house. This was the one weekend in April and May that D and I had no real plans and we made the most of our nothingness.

Friday: Veronica Mars Season II marathon. God Bless the friend whose name I promised never to mention in relation to this recommendation for recommending VM to me. I can only hope that my meager offering of Freaks and Geeks (the one short but beautiful season) gives you the same amount of TV viewing pleasure that Veronica brings to me.

Saturday: I did not have to tutor small privileged children so I slept in, walked the dogs, and then vacuumed and mopped to Jesus Christ, Superstar ("C'mon Jesus if you're so cool, walk across my swimming pool!"). A friend of mine came over for lunch so I took a break from the sing-a-long to make goat-cheese and roasted vegetable wraps. Nom nom. I love goat cheese. Then we went to Colors of Spring and chose flowers for my pots and flower boxes. At her suggestion, I am trying a little herb box-garden in which I am growing parsley, thyme, and basil. After planting flowers, D and I went and hung out with the Richey family and saw K.P.P. who is seriously cuteness personified even though he was feeling kind of puny.

That night I made homemade cinnamon rolls that were ready to pop into the oven on Easter morning (a nice alternative to the Easter basket of chocolate goodness) and a cake for Easter dinner.

Sunday: We did the church thing and the minister left out the scripture reading and the whole service was only about 50 minutes long. The most fun part was seeing all the cute little Easter dresses. Lots of polkadots. We went to lunch at a friend's house who invited a bunch of us from the English department. My cake was a hit and people kept asking what was in it and what it was called. Well, I'd gotten the recipe from the reading teacher at D's school and she called it "Better Than Almost Anything Cake" but then someone eating it said they'd had it before but their mom called it "Better Than Sex Cake." Which was not what he wanted to hear his mom say, but whatever. So I can only assume the reading teacher made a little edit before publishing the recipe in the elementary school cookbook.

At any rate, you bake a German chocolate cake from a mix, let it cool 15 minutes, poke holes in it with the handle of a wooden spoon (I used a swizzle stick because my wooden spoon handle isn't round), pour a can of sweetened condensed milk over the whole cake and wait for it to soak in, then pour a jar of butterscotch or caramel topping over the whole cake and wait for that to soak in. Refrigerate until chilled (I left it in the fridge overnight) and then frost with whipped cream and top with toffee pieces. It's enough to throw you into a sugar coma, particularly following a delicious potluck meal of asparagus, cheesy zucchini casserole, homemade mac & cheese, sweet-n-sour bbq tofu, rice with veggies, quiche, spinach salad with asian pears, and ham with pineapple for the meat eaters.

After lunch we dyed eggs which I hadn't done since I don't know when and it was actually super fun. With the help of a crayon, I made a Charlie Brown egg with his zig-zag sweater design but in pink.

This morning I am back to my real life, which means I worked out (it had been a week and a half due to barfing and then feeling puny and I will probably be sore tomorrow). I am on my way to library this afternoon for a Very Productive Work Day. Following a lunch of cinnamon rolls. Nom nom.

Oh -- here is another bag I'd like to have. This one is available through etsy:

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