Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Sam

My friend, college roommate, and favorite Brazilian had her baby!

Congratulations Carol and Aaron!

We were thrilled to meet Samuel Saldanha Coburn, who was born at 1:43pm on Friday, April 17, 2009. He weighed 9lbs. 4oz. and is perfectly charming.


Dear Sam,

You are the first day-old-baby I have ever held. (Hmm. Except for my brother, I guess.) I like you already. I think you look more like your dad than your mom but I am hoping that you will get your mom's eyelashes. I think it's awesome that you will grow up as a bilingual baby, learning about two cultures and getting to experience the best of both worlds.

Your parents are Aaron and Carol and they are madly in love with you. The hospital gave your mom a special bracelet and you have one that matches. Her bracelet plays a little song when she holds you so everyone knows you belong together. Your mom thinks she could kill someone who tried to take her from you. (I know because I asked.)

You are a baby who is wanted and welcomed. Your parents have decorated your nursery and it is ready and waiting and adorable. Your grandparents are bursting with pride. Even your dog-sister Lola will probably like you eventually. You have a way of winning people over. Your parents' friends hold you and pass you around and take pictures with the flash right in your face and you don't cry and you make this baby thing seem easy.

You have a round face with chubby chub cheeks and little pink lips. You have quite a lot of dark hair. You have a post-it note on your bed that says "I am spitty" so the nurses know to keep extra watch over you. You already smell like a baby.

You did start to cry at one point while I was holding you. Your mom and dad did not rush to take you from me (like I hoped they would) so I bounced you around (carefully of course) and tried to make you stop crying. They threw out some ideas so I wouldn't take your wailing personally -- maybe he's hungry, well he's just waking up -- and it occurred to me that there were six adults in the room and not one of us really knew what you wanted or how the hell to make you stop crying. But then your dad took you (as I started to look panicky, I'm sure) and your mom suggested your pacifier (she used the Portuguese word for it) and it worked! It seems like your mom and dad have got this thing figured out after all. You stopped crying. You hung out with us while we talked and I swear that you even rolled your eyes once when Jamie was talking.

You are an awesome little man and I am glad that our circle of friends has expanded to include you.


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