Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Raining Babies

I have five girlfriends from college with whom I am still close -- three of them live in St. Louis, the other in or near Columbia, so we do a pretty good job of staying in touch. I see the St. Louis girls on a regular basis (at least once a month) and the other girls a c
ouple of times a year.

Of my five close friends from college, four of them are pregnant at this precise moment.

We managed to spread out our weddings so there was only one year of overlap -- Beth & Stephanie both got married in 2006. The rest of us spaced it out so we had once Fabulous Social Event a summer -- Allison in 2003, me in 2004, Carol in 2005, Beth & Steph in 2006, and Jamie in January of 2008.

But then everybody went and got knocked up at the same time, and now my 2009 social calendar from April to October is a baby shower frenzy, folks.

Carol's shower was this Saturday at Beth's house -- Jamie & I co-hosted with Beth. It was a lovely time and a fun afternoon during which I kept drinking wine while sitting next to my pregnant friends and saying things like, "OMG, this is the BEST wine I have EVER tasted. OMG I am going to get totally wasted on this stuff!!!" And then I would stand up (sloshing my wine on them just a little and it was white) and say something like, "You know, Pilates has done wonders for my abs, but do you think these jeans kinda make me look fat? But are they a little bit tight right here?"

(Just kidding, I did not say or even THINK any of those things. I try to be a good friend and ooh and aah appropriately at ultrasound pictures even when I'm really thinking, "WTF am I looking at? Where did I put my wine glass?" Kidding again. But seriously.)

So what I really did was buy cheese & crackers AND create a glorious diaper cake (adorable! AND useful! whee!). A YouTube video taught me how (thank God for the internet I don't know how you old people made diaper cakes or egg salad without it).

My project required:

1 roll of wide ribbon - $2
1 roll of narrow ribbon - $2
1 pair of wee little newborn booties - $4
2 packages of 48 diapers - more money than childless people can believe

The result:
Seriously, it was even cuter in person.

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