Monday, March 16, 2009

Halloween, back when we were cool

A Blast from the Past.

10.29.2006. St. Louis, Missouri.
Jessica Simpson seems to have moved on and enjoyed the weekend she spent in St. Louis following World Series Game 5 and the big Cardinal win. Her divorce from Nick now old-news, she was seen partying with a still-unnamed Boy Scout all night Saturday. The music-maven and her new boy-toy were drinking merlot and keg beer while rubbing elbows with music legends Yoko Ono, John Lenon, and Kenny Rogers. "Jessica was laughing and having a great time," tattles a loose-lipped party goer, "It was like she was just chilling and putting all this drama with Nick and everything behind her." Some were surprised by Jessica's choice of associates. "I couldn't believe she and Yoko were, like, BFFs," another "friend" of Jessica's commented.

Jessica and her Boy Scout escort left the party early, with the Boy Scout reportedly telling Kenny Rogers that it was "Time to go home and make Jessica forget all about Nick." I wonder if they make a Boy Scout badge for that?

Exclusive photos attached.

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