Thursday, March 12, 2009

the g-rents

D's g-rents were here for the night before flying out to visit their daughter Lana and her family in Portland.

Although I have had my moments where a visit from his grandmother would throw me into a cleaning frenzy -- "OMG! When was the last time I scrubbed these baseboards? Oh that's right. Never. Must do it NOW before Gma gets here and realizes grandson married filthmonger." I've calmed down enough now to figure that as long as I vacuum up the dog hair, my house is reasonably tidy.

So I dutifully vacuumed yesterday before I left for work and they were here and enjoying relatively dog-hair-free sofas when I got home at 7:30. David didn't make it back until 9:30 from class. A teensy little part of me missed my "home alone on Wednesday night routine," but Gossip Girl wasn't new anyway, so it was really no big deal. And the g-rents are pretty entertaining. So I greeted them with pleasantries and then left them in front of the television (I had courteously thought ahead to stick a post-it note identifying which of the gazillion remote controls they should use: "Use only THIS one!!!!", but they somehow still managed to flip the TV from satellite to regular TV which could only have been done with one of the other remote controls) while I proceeded to make a salad and cheesebread and have a glass of wine in the kitchen so that my blood sugar and blood alcohol level were at the ideal levels for chatting with in-laws.

And it was a pleasant if uneventful evening. They marveled at my mad skills: I made a diaper cake! I checked them in online and printed their boarding passes! And I made it look so easy!

This entry has no purpose other than to celebrate my diaper cake making and printing skills. And to suggest that pinot noir pairs well with in-laws.

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