Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#1 Pitcher

I am married to the number one pitcher in St. Louis Adult Amateur Baseball.

Now there is a sentence that I would have never imagined typing.

But yes, David is ranked #1 pitcher not only in his Fountain of Youth baseball league (and we all laugh a little because that name is hilarious) but in ALL of St. Louis adult amateur baseball. Granted, I have no idea how many teams that includes, but it's still pretty cute (and isn't he cute in his little Red Sox outfit?). His team is all excited about it too.

I knew a little bit about baseball before we got married. My brother is a big Pittsburgh Pirates fan and I was moderately interested in Bonds & Bonilla when they were both there. We sorted baseball cards and I knew the rules of the game. Also attended a few Diamondbacks games when I spent the summer in Arizona and Natalie and I crushed on Matt Mantai (the Ice Man!). Oh -- and once I was a baseball player for Halloween. But I was not even close to being a real "fan." I used to tell people that my friend Stephanie was at softball rehearsal and I wasn't sure why people made a big deal about the distinction between "uniform" and "costume." Obviously I did theater instead of sports in high school...

Anyway, I have grown to appreciate baseball more since meeting David. Not only do I like ballpark popcorn and Bud Light in aluminum bottles, I can seriously keep score (although the Bud Light hinders this, as does sitting next to anyone willing to have a conversation with me during the game--you just have to pay such close attention it's really ridiculous). And really I like baseball because I know how much David loves it. And he tolerates me even when we're at the game and I want to discuss what Albert Pujols might possibly be saying to the runner on first base or how the game might be more interesting if each player had to switch positions each inning.

So even when I am annoyed about washing his uniform One. More. Freaking. Time. or irritated that he doesn't want to make plans that would interfere with the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Men's League (srsly), I try to remind myself that this sport makes the Duck very happy and the least I can do is show up occasionally and clap at the appropriate times.

So mark your calendars: Opening day for Duck and his Red Sox team is Sunday, April 19th at 12:30pm.

I am stoked because the field is under new ownership which means you can BYOB AND (most importantly) they remodeled the bathrooms.

A couple of years ago David was annoyed with me because I insisted that he help my friend Jamie move into her apartment on the day of a big game. He did not want to exert himself before a game (Here you can imagine me offering a blank stare, followed by excessive eye roll, followed by, "I don't care. We are helping Jamie."). After moving her furniture, he left to go play ball and I stayed to help J arrange her apartment. Of course he ended up throwing a no-hitter that day.

Which just goes to show that doing what your wife asks you to do makes good things happen.

I have yet to see a no-hitter, but now that I can drink bottled beer and wash my hands with soap, I might be a regular at these games!


  1. He's #1 under wins and #2 under "Ks" - what are K's? Mom

  2. K's are strike outs, Mom. Geez. Don't you know ANYTHING about baseball? :)

    I asked him why he was #2 and he said it was only b/c the #1 guy pitched more often.

  3. Johnny was hot for him 2 weeks ago when HE read this:)