Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Awakening

David and I are going to see Spring Awakening at the Fox Saturday for Valentine's Day. It won a bunch of Tonys and is supposed to be really great. (It also received some attention when it was featured on the new 90210 as West Beverly High School students performed it).

I honestly don't know a lot about it other than it is set in the 19th century and it involves young people who fall in love. Everything I've heard about it has been good, though, and I love going to the Fox no matter what.

Today at my orthodontist's office, I overhear him telling another patient that he went to see it last week. He proceeds to announce that (1) it was a good show (2) Act I ends with a sex scene on stage and (3) he is glad he did not take his elderly mother to see the show because she would have been mortified.

So after he checks out my retainer, I tell him that I am going to see Spring Awakening. He says that it is worth seeing but "maybe a little much for these St. Louis crowds." I assure him that I won't be seeing it with anyone elderly. He says that it's a good show.

The last time I saw a sex scene on stage, it involved the puppets in Avenue Q. I am assuming this won't be nearly as hilarious (David and I agree that Avenue Q was absolutely the funniest thing we've ever seen -- my face hurt from laughing) but it should be interesting...

I wonder if Nevada High School might consider taking a cue from West Beverly and putting Spring Awakening on the calendar for this spring? Something tells me that's not likely.

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