Sunday, February 8, 2009

D is for.... disgusting.

God love him, D is super gross right now. This picture does not really illustrate the grossness. It was taken a couple of summers ago but I think it is much funnier than a picture of D taken at present would be.

Last week was the strep throat drama. For me, strep throat means (1) my throat hurts. This requires (1) popsicles, juice, and ice cream; (2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Freaks & Geeks; (3) three days on the couch with some whining. Then I'm fine.

D on the other hand has to (1) run 101.5 degree fevers, (2) shake, (3) sweat, (4) have horrible body aches, and (5) be absolutely miserable for three days and then (5) weak and exhausted for two more before he's back in action. He is less demanding than I am in the sick-food and drink area, but he does require violent action movies and stupid Will Ferrell comedies.

So strep throat runs its course. But the fun doesn't stop there: once his immune system was down with strep, he developed a cold sore on his lip. I ran to Wal-Greens before the superbowl and bought him Abreva, but the cold sore is still pretty bad. Last night he's sitting on the couch and I look at him and I'm like "Dude! Your mouth is bleeding!" It was nearly running down to his chin. SICK! Bless his heart; he's bloody and disgusting. So he bled all over his pillow case last night.

I typically love Sunday mornings. We wake up fairly early and lounge around, having coffee, eating pancakes or cinnamon rolls, playing with the dogs, and watching HGTV because church doesn't start until 11. This morning, I roll over at eight o'clock, about to ask David if he wants cinnamon rolls or waffles when he looks at me and says, "I think I'm going to get sick."

Half an hour later, he's vomiting what sounds like a gallon of curdled milk into the toilet and I'm spray-and-washing his bloody pillowcase. How gross is my life?

Anyway, he says that he feels better but not great. I am just hoping that my immune system holds out and whatever bug he has this time does not infect me. Considering we both had cheesy mashed potatoes and broccoli last night (D added a steak) and I feel fine, I don't think it was dinner.

Back to my home health care and laundry duties.

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