Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Downward Dog

I am not a die-hard yogi by any means. I have taken a couple of classes (one that was really beyond the range of my abilities -- hello? this said beginner to intermediate!) and I mostly enjoyed them. I did Pilates somewhat seriously for a while (which means I went to mat class every week and did the exercises on my own at least a couple of days a week). But I had sort of fallen off all those bandwagons. I appreciate that jazzercise incorporates a lot of Pilates moves into their ab routines (If only we could drop crunches all together. Forever.), but I was just thinking a couple of days ago that I should sign up for another beginner yoga class at the Y because I always feel so good after going to a yoga class and with all of my dissertation anxiety making my chest feel tight, I'm sure some deep breathing wouldn't hurt me.

Today I decided to skip jazzercise. I could not get to sleep last night (for some reason my brain chose last night to begin frantically planning games, activities, and menu possibilities for Monica's wedding shower... which will take place in May). I think it was because we watched Mamma Mia before bed (loved it) and I had the Mamma Mia soundtrack in my head and was suddenly in wedding mode. Anyway, it was 2am before I finally fell asleep and when the alarm went off at 7:30 to get me up and ready for 8:30 jazzercise, I just decided to skip it, promising myself that I would do some yoga stretches when (if) I got out of bed.

I did craw out of bed about an hour later and after putting on my coffee (Kona Vanilla Macademia Nut is my morning obsession ever since D & I took our trip to Hawaii -- it's available at a World Market near you), I started digging around for a Shape magazine that I remembered had a nice little AM Yoga Routine. (D's g-ma gives me the Shape magazines -- she claims that she does not have a subscription but somehow is on the mailing list for Shape, Latina, Men's World, AND Ebony in addition to the Redbook that she actually signed up for.

Couldn't find the magazine after about 30 seconds of searching so I gave up (if it is not visible, that means D has thrown it away or put it away somewhere that he will not remember -- that is just his thing. I am beginning to learn to live with it although I still give him hell for throwing away our extra set of measuring cups. Do you know how useful that would be sometimes? And he just threw them away! Didn't even donate them to charity! Without asking me, even though they were my measuring cups from my old apartment! I was seriously furious at the time and on a scale of annoyance that goes 1-10, thinking about it a lot even now can get me to a 6. I know, deep breathing.) So, no magazine, no problem. I googled "morning yoga routine" and got this lovely YouTube video!

Here is Esther, her charming accent, and the routine that makes her happy in the morning (nice & easy and also weird -- whoever heard of cupping your hand and hitting your arms and then hitting your butt and lower back with loose fists? And who knew it would feel so good?). Also a routine that is supposed to be good for post-holiday -- Party's Over, Back to Yoga! Whatever your post-holiday hangover (food, wine, in-laws), yoga seems to be a step in the right direction.


  1. I have 2 sets of measuring cups. I'll register for another and give you the old ones:) Rahahahahahahaha.