Sunday, December 28, 2008

by the brooke

So, I didn't go completely handmade this Christmas. Maybe next year... (and my BFs cringe just a little?). But I did make a few things that didn't turn out half bad:

1) A Christmas Stocking for Kye Parker. My friend Jamie's sweet little nephew (featured on his own blog here) needed a monkey stocking and the only one to be found was at Bergdorf's for $175 (not a typo). So a quick trip to Jo-Ann's provided me with the material needed to pull off a monkey stocking for much less.

2) Photo Name Frames (what to call these?). I made these for my in-laws (those with last names shorter than "Duckworth"). I took my own pictures of objects that looked like letters of the alphabet, and then ordered frames and mats to fit. These are pretty pricey if you buy them from a gift shop, and I thought my versions turned out pretty cool. Plus, they are actually things connected to our lives (our deck, our gate, the dog groomer's building, a tree in Forest Park, a rose in our front yard) which I think adds a little sentimental value.

3) Etsy! So it's not handmade by ME, but it is handmade by someone! So that sort of counts, right? I ordered some adorable earrings and gifted them around. I gave this pair to my friend Natalie for her birthday, and I just might order a pair for myself if I get a little Christmas cash.

I had a good Christmas overall. I am definitely tired of being in the car, but all the driving was worth it as we saw my family, the in-laws, my extended family, and long-distance friends. I plan to spend tomorrow chilling in Nevada, then we're heading back to St. Louis to ring in the new year. I've eaten my weight in peanut clusters and pecan bars, I've read three books, and I've managed to do just enough post-holiday shopping to feel like I've gotten some bargains without blowing all my Christmas cash. So I feel pretty content as our midwest tour draws to an end and I get ready to get back in my regular routine.

Hope you all had very happy holidays and are feeling optimistic about the new year!

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