Tuesday, November 25, 2008

excuse me, could you please raise my taxes?

Yesterday, I sent letters to elected officials asking them to impose a new tax.

The story is that I recently ordered a couple of things from reusablebags.com. One is an aluminum water bottle that I will be gifting to my sister-in-law and the other is a package of biodegradable doggie-doo bags. (Sorry if that was TMI). I have also ordered the Wrap-n-Mat, reusable sandwich wrap and David takes his lunch in it everyday. It will even fit two sandwiches if you smush them just a little (which he does).

Anyway, reusablebags.com has a "Take Action" tab at the top of their site that suggests asking your favorite retailers to offer a credit to customers who bring their own bags (for example, Trader Joe's puts your phone number in a drawing for $100 in groceries) and/or sending a letter to government officials encouraging them to implement a plastic bag tax. I am a plastic bag hater. Hardcore. I don't allow them in the house anymore. I pick up the ones that blow as litter whenever I walk the dogs and I hate them even more. I carry in my reusable bags and glare at people who don't bring their own bags and once I even made the developmentally challenged bagger at Shnucks take my ice cream out of the plastic bag and just put it in the reusable one with all the other groceries even though it might dethaw and get the fabric bad a little damp. Today at Target I insisted that the girl fit everything into the one reusable bag I brought in even though she wanted to separate a few things (like the Schnucks bagger, she was being thoughtful and wanted to avoid a potential accident with a shirt, lotion, and a frozen pizza, but I would have none of it). So I decided that I would go ahead and e-mail a letter to my state reps and the mayor. Why not? I'm sure they love hearing from their constituents.

St. Louis seems to be regretfully behind the times when it comes to a lot of environmental issues (I'm still wishin' and hopin' for a smoking ban like our friends across the river have...). It seems that as a city that gets pissed off about being ranked 4th most dangerous this year, they might want to think about getting some good, green press. But, alas, this is the sort of tax that will probably show up in Portland or Seattle long before it makes it to the midwest.

Anyway, if you are interested in petitioning your own government officials, you can get the letter here. And if you need a civics course refresher in who your elected officials are, you can find that out here.

(On a side note, here's an FYI: A previous e-mail I sent to Mount Pleasant Winery -- stating my shock and dismay at the fact that they do not recycle any of their glass bottles and demanding an explanation and a date for when recycling would commence or else I would take my wine consumption elsewhere -- has gone unanswered. Jerks. At least elected officials send you a generic reply to acknowledge your correspondence.)

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