Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Conversations with Zuzu and Coco

Scene: Getting Silhouettes Made, Expressing Uncertainty

Me: So we are going to go have your silhouettes done.
Coco: What's a silhouette?
Me: An artist looks at the side of your face and then he cuts the shape out of paper.
Coco: Will it hurt?

Scene: Fussing Baby, Knowledgeable Big Sister

Coco: I think I know why Genevieve is crying. I think she just wants to grow up!

Scene: Making Dinner, Preparing for the Future.

Coco: Mama.
Me: Yes?
Coco: Do you sleep at college?
Me: Yes. You sleep in the dorms with your friends.
Coco: (teary-eyed) But I want to sleep here!
Zuzu: Don't worry. When you're older, you're more tired, so you sleep all night without waking up. And when we are at Cottey, we can stay at Grammy and Bops's house.

Scene: At the Doctor's Office, Pondering the Origins of Life

Coco: How did they make this? (gestures at walls)
Me: Well, these fish on the walls are actually stickers.
Coco: No, how did they make this world?
Me: You mean the doctor's building? The hospital?
Coco: No, this world. Like, how did they make us?
Me: What?
Coco: Like in the old days? How did they make us?
Me: Are you talking about creation? Or evolution? I mean, science tells us that life begins at the cellular level--
Coco: Did they put googly eyes on us?
Me: ...

Scene: Riding in the Car, Throwing Shade at Sister

Zuzu: Novelle got to wear pajamas to school yesterday!
Me: Oh, really? Why?
Zuzu: She got TEN dojo points!
Coco: I wonder why YOU didn't.

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  1. I love the girl talk, it makes me laugh even when I go back later and read them 😄 I don't have any little people in my life now so thank you so much for sharing them. Only boys in our family so it tickles me to get to see pictures and hear girls' thoughts :)