Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Quick Post About Coco Puff

This morning we were doing the usual chaotic shuffle out the door, with the girls and me in our relatively small laundry room, putting on coats and shoes and backpacks, both dogs underfoot.

Suddenly, Coco said, "What is that bad smell?"

She was right. It smelled terrible--poopy and sulfury at the same time. "I don't know," I said, looking at both of the dogs, "But that is foul."

Coco said, "Maybe it was my toot."

* * *

After I pick Coco up from school, we have about a ten minute drive to Zuzu's school. Sometimes this drive is exhausting, as she peppers me with one question after another, demanding exact answers or thoughtful responses. Here is Monday's list, as close to verbatim as I can get, which I immediately entered into my phone upon arriving at Zuzu's school so I wouldn't forget them:

Are you driving fast?
Is it almost Christmas?
Are we almost to Zuzu's school?
What is before Christmas?
How will Eliza do her birthday if she died?
How did Eliza die?
Why did her heart stop beeping?
Was Little Mac a baby when she died?
When are we going to outer space?
When are we going to a hotel?

That's an average of one question per minute, with me stumbling over responses ranging from "We really don't know why things like this happen, and they don't happen very often, but sometimes they do and it's really sad..." to "Never. We are never going to outer space."

I love this kid, but sometimes it would be more relaxing to just listen to the radio rather than try to have a conversation/interrogation.

* * *

Zuzu was really ill-behaved the other morning before school, and Coco did that thing you sometimes do as a sibling when your brother or sister is making bad choices and you act extra good. It was very cute, and as frustrated as I was with Zuzu, I appreciate Coco's efforts.

I had a moment of parenting genius that day and wrote a note from Elsa the Elf to each of the girls. Elsa told Zuzu that she doesn't want to have to report poor choices to Santa, so she is going to delay her visit (YES!) until she is sure that Zuzu can have good behavior. Elsa wrote to Coco that she was proud of her for making good choices. Coco's little face just lit up. Even funnier was that the girls had already hung their stockings, so the notes were folded over the tops of them. They have been playing Christmas and putting toys they already own in the stockings, so they dug around in them to see if Elsa brought them anything.

(NO! Of course she didn't bring you anything. She brought you a note saying your behavior made her SAD!)

But apparently there was a hair clip shoved all the way down in the toe of Coco's stocking that had been overlooked last Christmas, so the girls naturally assumed Elsa had brought it for Coco because she made good choices that morning and I totally let that ride.

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