Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Someone Help Me

Coco has a habit of asking for help from "Someone." It doesn't matter what the situation is, really. If she wants something, she'll usually say, "Can someone get ____ for me?" or if she's putting on a dress up dress, it's "Can someone help me put on this dress?"

It just makes me laugh when we're in a situation like a bathroom stall, where it is just the two of us, and she'll say, "Can someone wipe me?"

Like sure, honey, let me just go find someone to wipe you. Or you could just ask ME, since I'm YOUR MOM and I'm standing RIGHT HERE.

Anyway, maybe it stems from David and me saying things like, "Could someone get napkins for the table?" when Zuzu and Coco are both there. (Coco is almost always the first to volunteer.)

But sometimes I think maybe it's just a hilarious Who's On First kind of joke in her head. For example, in the bathroom today, Coco had inexplicably stripped off her shirt and so I said jokingly, "Can Someone put their shirt on?"

She replied, "No. Anyone can't."

* * *

Reasons Why It's Hard to Be Coco

(1) We are almost out of yogurt. There is plenty for breakfast, but this is reason to cry anyway.

(2) Your mom didn't give you enough mini-pancakes for breakfast and when you cry for more, she says not until you finish what's on your plate. You leave two of them untouched.

(3) You get all the way to the grocery store and get out of the car only to realize you didn't WANT to wear the pink boots that you are wearing.

* * *

Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be Zuzu

(1) You are about to graduate from kindergarten, but first you get to take a field trip the arch!

(2) You got a two-piece swimsuit with a ruffly skirt and it makes you look "like a mom."

(3) When you initially refused to join your swim class because they were all boys and you are "shy of boys," you insisted on being part of the preschool class and then when the instructor had the students jump off the side of the pool to her, you decided to dive over her head.

(3a) You joined your own class the following week, which was still all boys, but suddenly you weren't as shy because your parents had bribed you with a Shimmer & Shine lego set.

* * *

Reasons Why Having a Puppy is Super Annoying

(1) Puppy jumps on your bed effortlessly and then jumps on your head in the morning.

(2) Puppy picks fights with Bubba over a dropped tortilla chip.

(3) Puppy jumps on your back while you are practicing downward dog.

(4) Puppy is alarming aerodynamic and can jump on or over virtually anything, including your three-year-old.

* * *

Reasons Why Having a Puppy is Adorable

See visual:

* * *

I have so many exams and papers to grade! Grades are due Tuesday but since I'm field trip chaperone on Tuesday, my grades need to be submitted Monday. This weekend is commencement (David is taking girls to birthday party during this time, if they "earn it back" because we used it as a threat for terrible behavior but it backfired on us and I feel like not attending the party punishes the friends who wanted to invite them, so now they have to earn back the party by basically not being A-holes for the rest of the week (a major feat)), and we're friends over for dinner, going to church, David has a ball game (he's still playing), and then we're going to the circus.

Related: Last summer, I enrolled Zuzu in a COCA circus camp. She fussed every day when I left and never seemed that thrilled about it. I hadn't planned to do any camps this year because I was feeling lazy and cheap (#truth). Then last week, she asked me if she could do it again. Unfortunately there isn't a similar camp this year at a time that works for us. But she kept saying she wanted to go to camp so I enrolled her in a half-day art camp at a park. We'll see how this goes... I'm glad she wants to do it, but I'm also a little skeptical that she'll still be enthused after day 1. Fingers crossed that art camp is her thing!

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  1. Anyone can't is HILARIOUS.

    Also! If you were my husband you would chaperone the field trip anyway and then flip your sh*t because grades still needed to be turned in. Props to you for PLANNING AHEAD LIKE A GROWN ADULT PERSON.

    Your puppy is SO CUTE. When I do child's pose, Beatrix thinks I am some sort of lady-sized dog treat. Solidarity.