Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Butter Making

I feel like everyone who reads this has probably seen these pictures on IG and FB, but I had to recap our butter lesson here. Zuzu gave us a lesson, just like she was a little Montessori teacher.

She had previously made a list of what we needed.

In case you don't read Kindergartener, that says:

and then she drew a picture of a colander

So we followed the list and got everything ready. Then, she poured the cream. (You can see little sister was an enthusiastic student.)

Dropping in a pinch of salt.

Then you shake it.

And when you don't hear the marble anymore, you open the container.

And pour out the butter!

Spread it on your crackers.

Little Sister needed a closer look.

Serve! Zuzu was so proud to teach us how to make butter. I mean, she was just beaming. She was SO proud of herself and so happy. Honestly, I got teary-eyed because you could just feel the pride and happiness radiating off of her. I took several blurry pictures because she was gesturing so wildly as she expressed herself, and she could not stop grinning.

And she was also enthusiastic about eating it.

Coco watched the lesson, so then she got to try.

We've got lots of fresh butter at our house now. Bring some saltine crackers and come on over.


  1. Was there an exact amount of cream and salt you used? I think my girls would love to try this.

    1. No exact amount... if I had to guess, I’d say 1/4 cup cream and it was literally a pinch of salt. We put a piece of tape on the jar and drew a line on it with marker so they could practice pouring up to the line.

  2. Don't follow you anywhere but here, so I'm glad you shared!!

  3. Thanks Brooke! So, so adorable! If I were a hashtag user, I'd say #bestmomever

  4. Is that it? Is that really it? If so, I think we need to try making butter... Maybe Saturday, after we've baked a cake from scratch and plucked the pheasant that's sitting in our fridge.

    (When did I become a home-steader?!)