Friday, November 3, 2017

Thought Bubble: Empty

You know NaNoWriMo is off to a rough start when it's day two and you're having trouble coming up with material...

When I got the girls up this morning, I told them we needed to move a little quicker than usual because we were going to drop Cooper off at the groomer on our way to school (which was actually farther out of our way than I thought because I don't really know how to gauge distance on maps, I guess). Coco promptly burst into tears because she wanted Cooper to stay at home.


(#reasonsmytoddleriscrying: She does not want dog to get a bath because she doesn't think he likes baths.)

Anyway, she was acting off and had a low-grade temp and I figure it was from her flu shot and then I do all of the second guessing of the flu vaccines and I give her some ibuprofen, which she loves because it's grape flavored, and then I took her to school anyway and felt sad and conflicted about that as well.

I called school a couple hours later and they said she was doing fine, but she was NOT normal by the time I picked her up. We were on our way to make up gymnastics class and Coco said she didn’t want to do gymnastics, she just wanted to sit on Mama’s lap (not normal!). So she sat sadly on my lap while we watched Zuzu not listen very well to her coach and then I ended up calling the pediatrician after hours line because I worry.

Of course it’s probably “just a virus” so we gave her ibuprofen and once it kicked in, she acted like herself again.

We had a pizza party and cake for Crafty Cousin Amanda’s husband Dan’s birthday and then Zuzu put on another of her famous magic shows.

Now it’s a Survivor + Stranger Things kind of Friday night, which is a pretty great Friday night as far as I’m concerned. Doesn’t make for great blog material, though.

Don’t worry—tomorrow Amanda and I tackle our amazing makeover project! Stay tuned.

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  1. I just caught myself reading backwards, sorry. So I already know how this ends, BUT I wanted to say I can't read maps AT ALL (I need the GPS or Google Maps to talk out loud to me and maybe say dumbdumb you didn't know this was a one-way based on the one-way sign?).