Monday, October 30, 2017

Conversations with Zuzu and Coco

Well, That Joke That Make Us Laugh

Scene: Kitchen Table. Telling jokes.

Zuzu: Knock, knock.
Coco: Who there?
Zuzu: Ummmm.... Mr. Cow!
Coco: (at top volume, giggling) WANT SOME MILK, MR. COW?

The Apple Falls Near the Mama-Tree

Scene: In the car. Zuzu is whining about something, I'm trying to distract here.

Me: Look, there's tennis courts. Zuzu, are you about ready to learn how to play tennis?
Zuzu: I'm never going to play tennis.
Me: Why not?
Zuzu: I'm never going to play any sports.
Me: Why not?
Zuzu: Because you have to be outside and get all sweaty.

Confessing a Fear of Goofy

Scene: In the car. Talking about Disney World.

Zuzu: When will I get to go to Disney World?
Me: Maybe when you're seven.
Coco: (in a quiet voice) I scared of Disney World.
Zuzu: But the whole Clubhouse is there, Coco! And they are nice.
Coco: (doubtful) Goofy?
Zuzu: Yes! Goofy is nice. And... Scrooge is nice, I guess.

Coco Copes With Facts Like She Works in the White House

Scene: Breakfast table. Coco is self-serving yogurt.

Me: Coco! You cannot lick the spoon and put it back in the yogurt container.
Zuzu: That's how people get sick.
Zuzu: Uh-huh. It's called Spreading Germs.

I Kind of Agree With Coco Here

Scene: Car. Zuzu has had a very challenging morning getting ready for school even though Grammy and Bops are at our house. She's mad at me.

Zuzu: And I'm going to move far away where you can't visit me! And I'm going to lock all the doors and only come outside to hunt a deer and kill it to eat it.
Coco: You can't eat a deer or it will bite you!
Me: You're going to hunt a deer?
Zuzu: I'm going to make a telescope and when it sees a deer, it will shoot it and then send a net to bring it back to my house to eat it.
Coco: You can't eat a deer or you will throw up. And you will get stick-tights, too!

(PostScript: Those who follow me on Instagram (bythebrooke88) will know the girls got into a bunch of stick tights trying to follow deer near our house. Clearly the experience has stuck with Coco (pardon the pun). You can see why:

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