Friday, August 25, 2017

Paint, Repaint, Turn 40

We had the kitchen repainted.

It was worth it.

I ended up going with the Sherwin William color "Sage" because I wanted the kitchen to be sage green. Also I have a fondness for the name Sage due to a certain counselor at Camp Galilee circa 1993 who was the coolest hipster guy and all the girls had crushes on him and his name was Sage. Good vibes with that name, man.

Anyway, it's good. I still want to get a new light for over the dining room table, and we still need to do some ceiling paint touch ups where David replaced a canned light over the desk in there, but I'm feeling better about it.

We've hung two or three frames (out of the  hundreds of frames we somehow seem to have accumulated) so one thing I'd like to get done this weekend is to get things up on the walls. We'll see how that goes.

A quick school update: It's going so well for both girls. Zuzu LOVES kindergarten, mostly because they don't take naps. This was a huge revelation for her when she realized that she'd never have to take a nap at school again. She was so excited! If only my students felt the same way...

Coco has surprised me by having zero tears at drop off.

It makes all the difference in the world that she and Zuzu walk in together to the same building. It's outside time when I drop them off, so they race off into the playground together to greet their friends and run around, and it's all I can do to get them to give me a quick hug and a kiss before they run off without a backwards glance. *sniffle* But even though I was a little sad that they were so quick to leave me, it's SO MUCH BETTER than the tears at drop off every morning. I'm thrilled about it.

Coco told me that she did cry "Mommy Daddy" at rest time, so I think she's still adjusting, but overall she seems to love school. Her Special Job on Wednesday was to clean the floors and she could not have been happier because cleaning is her favorite thing, especially sweeping.

I'm currently questioning all our parenting decisions (sharing a room, binky usage, and all variety of other matters which I will discuss at a later time), but I feel really, really good about sending them to this school together.

Something else major happening this weekend: Celebrating David's big 4-0!

I really can't believe that the cute 24-year-old who spilled his ice cream cone down the front of himself on our second date is now my 40-year-old husband, but life is weird that way.

We'd talked earlier this year about doing something big for the big birthday--a weekend trip to Nashville without kids, perhaps? But now it's the beginning of the school year, we've not even been in the new house for a month, and when I asked David what he wanted to do this weekend, he shrugged and said, "Catch up on Game of Thrones?" #thisisforty #youngerwife #trophywife #stilloldandtired

Anyway, the new plan is to celebrate belatedly (good news is that he'll be 40 for a whole year, so we've got some time) and we'll find a weekend that doesn't have us both feeling stressed out and exhausted and we'll head out of town.

Also, Zuzu was working on Kumon last night (that's another story for another post!) and pointed out the number 40 as how old Daddy is going to be and then said cheerfully, "That's when he'll start being kind of like a grandpa!"

Now it's Friday and my classes start Monday. I've got to finish a syllabus, update the online Canvas shell for the same class, request all my photocopies for next week, send out some administrative e-mails, go back to the brewery where we had a happy hour last night and pick up my credit card because I never closed out my tab (which had ONE BEER on it), make a quick Target run for some basic necessities, make a run into World Market for my I'm Very High Maintenance Kona Coffee (hey, still cheaper than a daily Starbucks run, and tastes way better, IMO), and I need to fit in a trip to the grocery store at some point because we're out of honey flavored Greek yogurt AND tiny frozen pancakes, which means that breakfast at our house cannot happen. I wanted to check with a couple places about getting something else framed (ha! Because we need MORE framed things!), but that's probably going to have to wait until tomorrow. Also I'm meeting a friend for coffee at 3pm and going to a school picnic at David's school at 6pm.

I need to get started.


  1. I vote you and David find random/cheap (ha?) flights to the U.K. sometime in the next year to celebrate 40.

    PS - I still want pics of the sage!

  2. Coffee is my wine. I love it. First had Kona coffee in Hawaii during honeymoon, learned about Peaberrry coffee beans and how that's even better!

    Anyway -- our favorite coffee place. We buy whole beans and brew at home, nice grinder machine. Anyway -- treat yo self!

  3. Interestingly (maybe just to me), I'm in a weird questioning space about parenting decisions too and my kids are 16, 14, and 7. Right now it's technology-based but I still sometimes wonder about pacifiers' effects on teeth (everyone needs braces). And the big one: the girls still share a room and had bunk beds for too long. We have no space to separate them so it's moot anyway, but it's heavy on my mind anyway.